Piano Music to Bring Something Beautiful out of You



In addition to his academic career, Prof. Lacasse is a composer, a producer and a musician. His artistic mission is to create “Piano Music to Bring Something Beautiful out of You.” Much like tracing or walking a labyrinth, his music is a vehicle to help listeners experience their inner feelings and allow them to emerge.

A magic of composing is to create both a simple and catchy melody - Prof. Lacasse found it!
— The Finest Music
Tender and dreamy. The sound is simply perfect. Rarely I listened to something so full of emotions.
— Igor Longhi



Prof. Lacasse’s first album, Piano Evocations, proposes a series of 13 piano pieces in the postclassical genre with a touch of neo-romanticism. The album explores a wide range of emotions and pianistic sonic landscapes that evoke the music of Claude Debussy, Max Richter, Joep Beving, Yiruma, Chopin and others (incidentally many of the album pieces are titled after the artists’ names or according to images the music is evoking). The intimate, delicate, but sometimes intense feel of the album will literally transport you.

The album is available in CD format:

Also on all digital platforms!

Listen to the following montage of excerpts from Piano Evocations: